Shortly after I received my Architectural license, my daughter made a joke and called me an Artichoke. I know where she picked it up, but it was funny, and I still refer to it today. While being an Architect is a serious business, I always try to interject some humor throughout the day. I’ve been in the business for almost 40 years and dedicated to the simple truth of understanding construction sciences. I started this blog over 4 years ago and it has been idle ever since 2021. With the new format at iSCS, I thought it was time to ressurect it and share some past articles and new ideas.

So today, I kick off the beginning of my ‘The Artichoke’ blog at iSCS. This will be a look into my world and the ongoing things that place. I’ve had an interesting career for the past 40 years and I wanted a broader audience to see what I go through. This blog is for everyone in the construction business, Architects, Designers, Owners, Product Rep’s and Contractors.

Before I jump into the day to day stuff, which is how I‘m planning to approach this. I wanted to share a brief history of my career. I started working in Architecture December of 1983, my first job was with a firm in Tempe, AZ. I was with the same principal Jack Hofmann until 1991. With the economy slow down, work in Phoenix was tough to find.

Thanksgiving that year, I was in a ride along with my brother in-law who was a Sedona Police officer. He said that he was moving back to Dallas and wanted to know if my family wanted to move there to. Since work was lien in Phoenix, my wife and pack up the car and made the move in February 1992. Ten days later I was employed in Dallas. At the time, I had a CAD consulting business too. One of my clients was looking for a Project Manager. This end up landing me one of the best jobs of my career in 1997.

I would probably still be working there, but I needed to put family first. So, in 2013 my wife and I returned to Arizona, settling down in Tucson. I was fortunate to land a good job surrounded by great people. The projects today are in a small niche market, Native American Health Care. But my career has seen many project types. From Schools to Call Centers, Banks and Retail, Restaurants to Government and Industrial. I look back at the projects I have worked on and my exposure is somewhat ADD, and with my energy, probably ADHD.

Finally, I wanted to use this space to share the day by day happenings, hopefully in a humorous way. My goal is to post these every other Friday. I hope you enjoy them and forward them on to others.

…and now for something completely different.
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