Trusted Supplier Partner (TSP) is an opportunity for a member of the manufacturing and supply team to stand out from the crowd by making it easier for design decision makers to make informed product selections in their construction projects. By working with ISCS we will help to ensure that your products’ capabilities are easily understood, performance benchmarks are clearly defined, and related specifications formatted appropriately according to CSI MasterFormat.

One of the most often heard complaints from specifiers and architects is that many manufacturer specifications do not follow the logical sequence of structure as set up by the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), costing the design team time and money. ISCS will help you create a guide specification for your product that makes it easy to be included in project construction documents.

Finally, ISCS will work with you to review an existing curriculum or build a new contractor training program to help you create a cadre of installers that are familiar with your products, proper installation and safety techniques, as well as understanding the role of contract documents and how they apply to the contractor and supply teams.

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