The International Society for Construction Sciences (iSCS), founded 2017 in Tulsa, OK, USA is a 501(c)(6) professional organization with a focus on construction research and practical applications for the designer and skilled trade. 

iSCS Logo

The iSCS logo is a square separated into four equal parts representing a foundation of stability, ingenuity, cooperation, and completion. Like the cardinal points on a compass the iSCS logo is a symbol representing the four corners of the Earth and is a reminder that our efforts are on behalf of all people everywhere.

Why is the i lowercase? The main meaning is for international. It also puts the "individual" in the society, the "internet" of networking and most of all "inclusion" of every team member.

the Color? the primary color is gold, with the goal of setting gold standard in design, construction, standards and CEU's. But the logo does change, green for sustainability and doing our part. Red for looking boldly forward and finally blue for creating a safe place to build your trusted network.


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